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Services We Provide
We are a full service painting contracting company.  All of our
services are masterfully practiced and fully insured for your peace of
mind.  Give us a call or contact us here if you would like more in-depth
information about any of these services.  We would be happy to talk
and give you some great ideas for your own project.  
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Painting is the most popular service we offer.  It is quick, inexpensive
and provides fantastic results.  We use only the finest, highest quality
paints available.  If you have a particular preference, such as a paint
with a low VOC rating, we are more than happy to oblige.  Our paint
procedure is much different than the typical do it yourselfer and even
most professionals who slap some paint on the wall and call it done.  
We believe that the way to make a paint job last is all in the prep
work.  For each job, we start with laying down drop clothes and
moving all furniture.  We then wash down all surfaces that will be
painted.  Then we sand, caulk, and spackle any imperfections away.  
Once all of those steps are complete, then finally we apply your paint
to the walls.  
Wallpaper and Paperhanging
Wallpaper is a fantastic choice for getting just that specific look.  You
can choose a colorful and fun paper for a child's room, or you can
choose a dramatic paper to give that dining room the high end feel
that you desire.  We use the same preparation procedures we do for
painting on all of our wallpaper installations.  This ensures a
seamless, long-lasting installation that will look great for years to
come.  Also, because of proper prep work, removing wallpaper is
much easier to do next time around.  This saves both time and money
because removing un-prepped wallpaper can be a nightmare.  We do
it right the first time.  
Gutter Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Wood Mouldings & Chair Rails
Faux Finishes & Stencils
Ceiling Medallions & Mouldings
Drywall Repair
Christmas Decorations
Clean, working gutters not only look great, they also play a vital role
in keeping your home's foundation safe and secure.  Over time,
blocked gutters allow water to pool where it isn't supposed to.  
Instead of directing water away from the house, the water can
overflow and sit by the foundation of the house, weakening it over
time.  To prevent this, we are happy to provide gutter cleaning for our
customers.  We can clean out years of build up from leaves, twigs,
animals and anything else that will clog your gutters.  Your home is
your biggest investment.  Allow us to help you protect it.
Pressure washing is the fastest and easiest way to remove dirt,
mold, mildew and all other contaminents from the exterior of your
house.  It can give an old, moldy deck a brand new look.  Patios and
walkways will look fantastic.  Ugly stains from improperly installed
or blocked up gutters can be a thing of the past.  Pressure washing
is also the only way to get a truly clean surface for exterior painting.  
You will be amazed at the difference.
Have you ever wanted to add crown moulding to a room or get that
chair rail installed?  We can help.  We are proud to offer both of
these services as well as wainscoting installation.  Give your house
that finishing touch that everyone will love.  
We are proud to offer the biggest variety of faux finishes available
today.  Whether it is sponge painting, bag rolling, stencils, we can
apply all the latest faux finishes to accent your home and make it
unique.  Have some ideas of your own, talk to us.  We are always
looking to help our customers.  
Want to decorate your ceilings and make them stand out?  Ceiling
medallions are the best way to add character to an otherwise bland
ceiling.  Big or small, plain or intricate, we specialize in stalling all
types of ceiling medallions.  
Whether you moved a light or had a water leak, drywall repair is a
necessity sometimes.  We can repair or replace your drywall and
make it look as good as new.  Give us a call to find out more.
We are proud to now offer custom Christmas Light decorating for
your house.  You can tell us any kind of decoration and light
combination you want, and we will install the winter wonderland of
your dreams.  Wow your neighbors and friends this year.